photo: Jim Coleman

photo: Jim Coleman

Alexis Zaccarello is a Brooklyn-based, post-Judson choreographer and dancer interested in the space between choreographed material and improvisation – an investigation rooted in the body as a vessel for experiences and how history impacts performative choices and inherently shifting thumbprints upon highly-scored work.  Thus far, her investigations ask performers trained within dance’s intense power structures to move through the aesthetic limitations printed into the body, such that the individual experiences within the historical trajectories of dance serve as integral layers within the work’s fabric.  Alexis has become interested in moving this study into a free space of response within a diverse landscape of dancers, where shifting control within the work’s players becomes the central focus.

Alexis has spent much of her life studying codified forms of dance starting with The Boston Conservatory, Interlochen Arts Academy, and most recently with Christine Wright.  She has danced for small “contemporary” companies in Texas, Massachusetts, and Amsterdam and tangentially traveled the U.S. as a top-ranking International Latin ballroom dancer until she grew confused and finally disgusted with the sexist, racist, and appropriated practice. Trading competition for the social dance, her interest in the Argentine Tango codes of conduct is mildly more tolerable and she occasionally ventures into midtown for late night milongas.  She likes milongas where she can lead.  

Alexis has a deep love for the range our bodies bring to performance, and is most intrigued by what the performative body can bring to the three-dimensional forms of dance. Her compositional interest stems from a visual perspective as an award-winning mixed-media sculptor and printmaker.  

Alexis is interested in where dance is going, where it has been, and what an audience is to the form. Alexis studied Anthropology at Mount Holyoke College (2010).  

Alexis was a 2015 Andrew Mellon Artist in Residence at the Center for Performance Research (CPR) Brooklyn, and a 2012 Emerging Artist In Residence at The Field’s FAR Space NYC.

Alexis has shown work at Movement Research at the Judson Church, CPR, Chez Bushwick, Dance New Amsterdam, Eden’s Expressway, IMAR, Marlboro College and other non-venues around NYC/Brooklyn.

photo: Bradley Buehring  ABSTRACTION PERMUTATIONS 1-3